Imagination Chapters are coming to a community near you!

Building from the inspiration of ‘Caine’s Arcade’ and the success of the Global Cardboard Challenge, we launched the Imagination Chapters pilot program in the fall of 2014 with 30 Chapters. This year, we’re launching 100 new Chapters across the U.S. and around the world, including Mexico, Turkey, Italy and Nigeria. Watch the video below to see Imagination Chapters in action.

Meet our 2014 Chapters

Time For Creative Play

Chapters use Creative Play to develop the natural powers of creativity, entrepreneurship and innovation that all children possess. Chapter activities can easily align to different themes, subjects or content standards (e.g., Common Core). The most engaging projects will spark from a child’s interests. Simple projects may take two hours to complete; others may take weeks. As projects become more advanced, kids will tackle real-world issues. They’ll even kickstart business and social ventures.

What is Creative Play?

Prepare Kids to be 21st Century Innovators & Problem Solvers

Through Chapters, children learn critical 21st century skills that will help them be happy and successful in school, work and life.


Anyone Can Lead A Chapter

Educators, parents, community leaders from all walks of life! If you’re ready to unleash kids’ creativity, we want to hear from you. Application are closed for this year’s Chapters program, but please send a note to, and we’ll let you know when applications for Imagination Chapters re-open next spring.


Meet our Chapter Leaders

Special thanks to our Imagination Chapters partners for all the wonderful support: